White Papers and Application Guides

Our resources for designers and specifiers.

Norplex-Micarta works directly with designers to help them incorporate thermoset composites into their products. Prized for the many benefits you can read about in our electrical materials and structural materials sections, these materials offer essentially unlimited design possibilities.

Below you will find our publicly available resources such as white papers, applications guides, and articles.

White Papers

Written to support designers with initial research and to demonstrate approaches and options when designing with composites.

Applications Guides

Written to support designers and users with detailed explanations and examples of working with Norplex-Micarta materials.


Published articles about Norplex-Micarta and materials produced by Norplex-Micarta.

Interested in discussing how thermoset composites can be utilized in your industry? Contact our applications engineers to learn how Norplex-Micarta supports designers and our approach to material and applications development.