Sheet Ground and Rolled and Molded Rods

Rods turned from sheet or produced from molding prepreg.

Sheet Ground Rods

Sheet Ground Rods are turned from bars of material from already cured sheets. When looking at a cross section, laminations are parallel. Generally, properties of sheet ground rods conform to the grade of sheet stock from which they are cut. In comparison to Rolled and Molded Rods which are produced from prepreg that has been wound around a mandrel, placed in cylindrical molds, mandrel removed and then cured under high temperature and pressure. There is no industry standard for sheet ground rods. If you require rods to an industry standard, please consider our line of rolled and molded rods.

Rolled & Molded Rods

Rolled & Molded Rods are composed of an impregnated reinforcement which has been wound around a mandrel, placed in cylindrical molds and cured under high temperature and pressure. ANSI/NEMA, NEMA, ASTM, IEC and MIL-I-24768 recognize the following grades in rod form: XX, XXX, C, CE, L, LE, G-5, G-9, G-10 and FR-4. Since these are tolerances, range of diameters, maximum warp and performance requirements to be met, this allows rolled & molded rods to have a certificate of compliance or a certificate of analysis stating that it meets the various specification.

Rolled and Molded Rod Product Details

Rolled and Molded Manufacturing Tolerances

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Rolled and Molded Manufacturing Capabilities

Norplex-Micarta also offers prepreg, sheet, and tube materials.

Would one of these material options be more suitable for your project? Perhaps one of these forms would allow for a prototype to be produced economically and with a quicker turnaround compared to other options?