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Composite Materials for Structural and Mechanical Applications

Lightweight, strong, stiff, corrosion resistant, with significant design flexibility 

Why consider composites as a structural material?

Thermoset composites are prized for their robust properties and design flexibility. From world class weight adjusted strength and stiffness to corrosion resistance, to toughness and fatigue resistance, composites have found use in the most demanding mechanical and structural applications under, on, and above the earth.

Your custom composite is within reach

There’s nothing exotic about custom materials. We develop them every day. Our chemists and engineers have produced hundreds of materials for thousands of applications—more than 200 grades. Our significant technical data and in-house testing capability is the starting point for your new application, accelerating the design process.

Destined for repeatable performance

When design engineers come to us for a material solution, they also get the manufacturing capability and capacity to deliver it.

From standard products to those that are uniquely produced for a single application, our structural materials are manufactured in accordance with ISO and PSM standards. Our production approach minimizes variation relative to other composite manufacturing techniques, resulting in materials that are produced economically in large volumes.

Want to learn more about specific application areas?


Learn more about thermoset composite materials


When designing with thermoset composites, there are many choices and several hurdles to overcome. Learn about our approach to thermoset composites.

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Corrosion and Chemical Resistance

Stable long term performance

Difficult Service Conditions

Compared with many other materials, thermoset composites outperform in harsh environments.

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Advanced pre-preg and shapes

Minimum Mass

Various reinforcements such as carbon, glass, and aramids that can be used alone or in hybrid systems to create new materials that are predictable, reliable, and repeatable.

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-196 C and below

Extreme Cold

Glass-epoxy and cotton-phenolic sheets and stock shapes that have proven themselves through years of service in demanding environments.

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Bearing and Wear

Self lubricating, long running


Utilizing well known resin systems with new an innovative reinforcements to optimize the bulk and triboligical properties of composites for demanding bearing and wear applications.

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Have another idea or a question about Norplex-Micarta and our approach to composites? Speak with one of our applications engineers to discuss how Norplex-Micarta’s thermoset composites can be designed your specific application.

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