Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

Materials designed, tested, and proven in some of the most demanding hydraulic fracturing applications

Composite materials that enhance oil and gas production.

The oil and gas exploration and production industry is constantly innovating, and Norplex-Micarta materials are enabling new designs and functionality. Both sheet and tube products have been successfully utilized in various components used in oil and gas downhole tool applications.

As is now well established in the market, composite tools are preferred over metal tools because they are easier to drill out after the well stimulation has occurred. Composites can be designed with various reinforcements in order to allow greater design flexibility. Norplex-Micarta’s approach to composites is one of the most repeatable of composite processing types. This allows designers to have confidence in their verification and validation testing before a roll out to mass production.

Norplex-Micarta’s production technology is geared for high volume. When oilfield activity spikes, the ability to provide a consistent quality and delivery make a difference to the bottom-line.

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prepreg, sheet, shapes


When designing with thermoset composites, there are many choices and several hurdles to overcome. This includes various different reinforcement types and styles that are gaining acceptance in the Oil and Gas industry.

Bearing and Wear

sheet and tube


Utilizing well known resin systems with new an innovative reinforcements to optimize the bulk and triboligical properties of composites for demanding bearing and wear applications.

Corrosion and Chemical Resistance

sheet and shape

Difficult Service Conditions

Thermoset composite materials that resist the damaging effects of harsh chemicals and corrosive environments.

Featured Materials

The demands of the oil and gas industry are ever increasing.
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