Composite Materials for Medical and Scientific Devices

Norplex-Micarta combines a wide array of reinforcements and resin systems that can be customized and adapted to produce composite materials for scientific and medical devices.

From high electromagnetic stress and cryogenic storage to self-lubricating bearings and wear pads, our skilled engineers can design the solution you need.

Norplex-Micarta high performance materials are a good fit in many types of medical and scientific devices. Parts made from cloth substrates are quieter and longer lasting than many metal parts and do not require lubricants, which may not be allowed in sterile environments.

In addition, thermoset materials can withstand the chemicals and temperatures used in the sterilization of devices. Applications range from stethoscope plates to static dissipative X-ray and operating tables and include coil components in sophisticated MRI units.

Norplex-Micarta also designs special composite materials that provide low attenuation features for use with X-ray units.

Finally, a specialty line of cryogenic composite materials in sheet and tube form are used for different medical and scientific devices where storage or transportation of cryogenic specimens is required. These materials are used as tank supports, Dewar neck tubes, and in vacuum insulated tanks and equipment.

Thermoset materials are non-conductive, non-magnetic, high strength, and reasonably lightweight, making them suitable for all types of mobile medical devices.

Featured Materials

Want to learn more about specific applications of our composite materials for scientific devices?

Cryogenic Applications

sheet and shape

Liquid Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Air

Glass-epoxy and cotton-phenolic sheets and stock shapes that have proven themselves through years of service in the demanding environment of space.

High-Voltage Insulation

prepreg, sheet, shapes

Electrical Stress

Materials designed to withstand high electromagnetic stress commonly found in modern diagnostic equipment.

Bearing and Wear

sheet and tube


Utilizing well-known resin systems with new and innovative reinforcements to optimize the bulk and tribological properties of composites for demanding bearing and wear applications.

Interested in incorporating composites into your solutions?
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