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Thermoset Composites for Electrical Devices and Applications

Proven for more than 100 years in electrical devices around the world.

Norplex-Micarta ElectroLAM™ materials are engineered and produced specifically for electrical applications across a range of industries.

The process of manufacturing thermoset composites at Norplex-Micarta relies on state-of-the-art process automation controlling a variety of different types of equipment. The first step is to treat a reinforcing substrate by impregnating it with a compounded resin.

Once the reinforcement is saturated, excess resin is removed and the combined materials are transported through an oven where it’s partially cured and becomes a Pre-Preg. Utilizing either horizontal or vertical impregnation machines, each style having its own advantages, a Pre-Preg suitable for subsequent processing is produced.

Advanced, real time, quality checks are performed on the pre-preg to assure the material achieves and maintains properties essential to the successful downstream process. Quality Control dovetails with the manufacturing processes every step of the way through the factory.

Electrical composite sheet grades are available in a variety of substrates and compounded resin combinations. We also offer products in which unlike Pre-Pregs are pressed together usually to achieve surface characteristics that differ from a material made solely from the core material.

The fiberglass based sheet offering consists of woven glass fabric combined with phenolic, epoxy, melamine or silicone resins. We offer products complying with MIL-I-24768/ and NEMA FR-4, FR-5, G-3, G-5, G-7, G-9, G-10 and G-11 requirements.

The cotton based sheet offering consists of canvas or linen grade fabric combined with phenolic or melamine resins. We offer products complying with MIL-I-24768/ and NEMA C, CE, CF, L and LE requirements.

The paper based sheet offering consists of kraft or cotton paper combined with phenolic or epoxy resins. We offer products complying with MIL-I-24768/ and NEMA X, XX, XP and XPC requirements.

Prepreg wound, sometimes called “convolute rolled”, electrical composite tubing grades are available in a variety of resin and substrate systems.

Fiberglass tubes consist of fine or medium weave glass reinforcement combined with an epoxy, phenolic, melamine, or silicone resin system. Meeting the requirements of ML-I-24768 and NEMA G-5, G-7, G-9, G-10, or FR-4, these grades offer a variety of properties, including high temperature resistance, excellent electrical and mechanical properties, and arc and flame resistance, depending upon the resin system selected.

These products are designed for applications requiring high electrical and mechanical strength and the ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Composite tubing grades are also available with fine or medium weave cotton fabric reinforcement with a phenolic resin system. Meeting the requirements of ML-I-24768 and NEMA C or LE, these composite materials are used in mechanical applications where electrical strength is of secondary importance. Some grades include self lubricating modifiers for mechanical and friction reduction applications.

Norplex-Micarta provides a host of molded products, combining paper, cotton, and glass fabric substrates with phenolic resin, epoxy resin, or melamine resin. Applications include electrical device, mechanical, military, and power generation.

Rolled and molded rod products are available with a paper, cotton, or glass reinforcements on various different resin systems. These products meet various electrical industry standards. Additional grades are offered that are not recognized in rod form by NEMA, IEC, or the military.

Norplex-Micarta also manufactures molded ripple springs and wedges for the power generation industry. Made from materials with excellent insulation properties and maximum creep resistance, they have the ability to withstand extreme compressive forces in high temperature environments for both generators and transformers.

From the generation, through distribution, storage, and use, the electrical system is seeing change and development not seen in decades. Speak with our applications engineers to learn how Norplex-Micarta supports development of new applications through engineered thermoset composites.