Thermoset Composites for Electrical Materials

Norplex-Micarta’s thermoset composites for electrical materials have superior creep resistance, dielectric strength, temperature resistance, and mechanical support.

We’ve been making composite materials for our clients in the electrical industry for over 100 years. From our earliest days as composite material designers up to the present day, we’ve seen that thermoset composites deliver as nonelectrically conducting mechanical structures time and time again.

So, what provides our thermoset composites for electrical materials with the characteristics they’re known for? These properties are derived from the nature of the components in the composite. The two major components are the resin matrix and the reinforcement. By selecting these for the specific application and use conditions, thermoset composites offer a wide design window with the added benefit of affordable mass production. Whether you need your thermoset composites for electrical materials to perform with exceptional durability, in extreme temperatures, exhibit significant strength with minimal weight—or all of the above—we have you covered.

The initial step in our design process is identifying an applicable prepreg. A pre-impregnated material is a resin matrix combined with a reinforcing material or structure. Next, the prepreg is processed into a cured, ready-for-application form, whether that is a specific shape or a sheet.

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Norplex-Micarta’s thermoset composites are often used for electrical materials and as structural support in construction and architecture.

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Arc Resistance

Suitable for high-voltage stress.


Our design engineers utilize special resin matrices and systems, allowing us to produce nonconductive materials even after an arc event.


Nonconductive and mechanically strong.

Mechanically Strong

Norplex-Micarta’s thermoset composites are made with proven resin matrices and various reinforcements to provide versatile design opportunities.

High Temperature

Difficult service environments.

Class H

To produce end-user materials prepared for the most demanding environments, we utilize advanced resins on reinforcements with high temperature tolerance.

Industry Standards

Exceeding expectations.

Proven Solutions

When you choose Norplex-Micarta, say goodbye to concerns about your materials meeting national and international industry standards. Our electrical materials meet or exceed international industry standards.

Norplex-Micarta is your go-to resource for all electrical, mechanical, and structural applications in the thermoset composites market. Want to hear more about how we can adapt proven materials and substrates for modern-day electrical industry challenges? Click the button below to speak with one of our applications engineers; our teams are happy to answer any questions you may have.