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Thermoset Composites for Electrical Applications

Outstanding dielectric strength, electrical creep resistance, mechanically strong, temperature resistant

Norplex-Micarta finds its roots in the electrical industry, over 100 years ago. From those early days until now, thermoset composites have proven their value as mechanical structures that do not conduct electricity. 

These properties are derived from the nature of the components in the composite. The two major components are the resin matrix and the reinforcement. By selecting these for the specific application and use conditions, thermoset composites offer a wide design window with the added benefit of affordable mass production.

Norplex-Micarta first produces pre-preg. This material is the combination of a resin matrix and a reinforcement. Pre-preg is then further processed into its final cured form: sheets, or shapes. 

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Thermoset composites are frequently used as structural supports and secondary insulation.

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Arc Resistance

Suitable for high voltage stress.


Utilizing special resin systems, materials are nonconductive, even after an arc event.

High Voltage

Nonconductive and mechanically strong.

Mechanically Strong

Utilizing tough, temperature resistant, resin systems on various reinforcements to deliver robust design options.

High Temperature

Difficult service environments.

Class H

Utilizing advanced resins on high temperature reinforcements, materials designed for the most demanding environments.

Industry Standards

Exceeding expectations.

Proven Solutions

Thermoset composite materials designed to exceed international industrial standard requirements — every time.

Interested in adapting these proven materials to the challenges in the electrical market? Speak with one of our applications engineers to discuss how Norplex-Micarta’s thermoset composites can be designed your specific application.