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Composite Materials for Consumer Goods and Applications

Tough, Durable, Aesthetically Appealing Materials

Norplex-Micarta manufactures materials that are used in an array of consumer applications.

UltreX™ has its own dedicated website: where you can see some of the possibilities, learn about Authorized Resellers, and begin your project and product planning.

Why UltreX™

Outdoor | Recreation | Adventure


UltreX™ is produced by Norplex-Micarta.
That’s right, Micarta® is in our name.
Customer choose us for high volume and repeatable materials with dependable service.

SP3000 – SkatePlate 3000® is designed for the wear surfaces in roller skate and skateboard parks. It offers good tensile, flexural, flatwise impact, and compressive strength; additionally, it does not splinter like plywood surfaces. Thus, the material can be used to produce a tough, non-splintering surface that offers excellent wear resistance. While it is suitable for the surfaces of indoor sports facilities, SkatePlate 3000 also holds up well to the weather in outdoor environments.

New material solutions may allow design freedom and aesthetics once believed to be unattainable. Contact our applications engineers to discuss how thermoset composites can be customized to meet the needs of your specific application.