Markets that Utilize Thermoset Composites

From space exploration above the earth, to oil and gas exploration and production beneath, and everywhere in between, we produce materials that many thermoset composites market sectors depend on.

Norplex-Micarta serves a variety of industrial and consumer sectors. As a materials company, we are focused on understanding the needs of a specific application, supporting designers, and providing ongoing value to clients that utilize our products.

Thermoset composites have nearly one hundred years of use in electrical equipment. From the generator and transmission and distribution network, to the point of use in control equipment and motors, we’ve optimized our design and production processes to manufacture the highest quality thermoset composite materials.

As a structural material, Norplex-Micarta’s products have found many uses in thermoset composites markets and demanding functions such as cryogenic applications in satellites, to demanding high temperature and pressure applications in oil and gas exploration and production, to cosmetic applications for the outdoor and adventure consumer markets.


Insulator and Lightweight

Economical Performance

Lightweight and cost-effective thermoset composite materials are used to successfully enhance the performance of space and aircraft in a wide range of operating conditions.

Electrical Transmission and Distribution

Dielectrically and Mechanically Strong

Proven Solutions

Materials offer electrical insulation properties, mechanical strength, low moisture absorption, and arc resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of electrical equipment.

Architectural and Construction

Dependable, Tough, Low Flame Spread

Safe Rooms, Low FST

Architectural and Construction materials to ensure safety, produced to your specifications, with low flame spread, smoke generation, and toxicity

Consumer Goods

Tough, Good Looking, Materials

Durable Aesthetics

Composite materials that are good looking, tough, durable, and used in a range of consumer applications.

Medical and Scientific Devices

Adaptable and Stable

Low X-ray attenuation, Cryogenic

A wide array of reinforcements and resin systems that can be customized and adapted to various sterile, cryogenic, high temperature, or radiation environments.

Heavy and Process Industries

Self Lubricating and Durable

Bearings and Wear

Norplex-Micarta uses various resin and substrate combinations that allow thermal and mechanical performance to be tailored to specific heavy industry applications such as bearings.

Power Generation

Strong and Cost Effective

Not Just Turbogenerators

Sheet, tube, shape, and prepreg materials that have the unique ability to provide both electrical insulation and mechanical support in high temperature generator applications.

LNG and Pipelines

Robust and Insulator

Gaskets and Supports

Pipe shoes, tank supports, gaskets, and insulators designed for cryogenic, high temperature, corrosive, and other demanding environments commonly found in pipelines and downstream operations.

Rail and Mass Transit

Low FST and Resilient

Track and Car Components

Materials that are sound deadening, corrosion resistant, mechanically strong, electrical and thermal insulators, and can be engineered to meet demanding FST requirements.

Truck and Bus

Lightweight and Chemical Resistance

Lightweighting and Corrosion

Composite materials that can be produced affordably, in large volumes, that are inherently insulating, lightweight, and tough enough to take on demanding service environments.

Interested in discussing how our thermoset composite materials can be utilized in your market? Contact our applications engineers to learn how Norplex-Micarta supports designers and our approach to material and applications development.