Thermoset Composite Materials

Development, Design, and Manufacturing

Utilizing epoxy, phenolic, melamine, and silicone resin systems on nearly limitless different reinforcements, Norplex-Micarta offers composite material solutions to designers worldwide. From demanding high voltage equipment, to the cold of space, to the pressure of oil and gas exploration in the depths of the earth and nearly everywhere in between, Norplex-Micarta’s materials can be engineered to your specific requirements.

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Prepregs, Sheets, Tubes, and Shapes


A quick introduction to Norplex-Micarta’s family of products


Applications engineering, process development, and materials engineering to support the hybrid, co-molding, of continuous fiber prepregs with molding compounds.

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Thermoset composite sheets, tubes and other stock shapes for bearing and wear applications in the transportation, energy, and industrial markets.

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Specialty designed and proven thermoset composite sheets and tubing for cryogenic applications in energy, aerospace, medical and scientific markets.

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A full suite of thermoset composites for electrical insulation and ESD applications. Supplied to industry standards such as IEC and NEMA as well as customer specifications for the most demanding applications.

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Micarta® and G-10 for cosmetic and aesthetic applications in a range of consumer products. These robust, durable, long lasting materials are available through a network of authorized resellers.

When designing with composites, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Norplex-Micarta has hundreds of standard materials that can be used as a starting point to baseline an application. We work collaboratively with designers to identify material and process options, and then establish a design validation and verification plan. All of this is done with economics and ongoing mass production in mind from the start, with a company that has invested specifically to produce thermoset composite materials consistently, economically, and at scale.

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