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Designing With Composites: Engineering Fundamentals

A Norplex-Micarta White Paper

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A quick introduction to designing with composites.

Designing a composite part is in some ways a designer’s dream, with nearly infinite combinations of materials that can be utilized to achieve specific design goals. This flexibility also presents a challenge—specifically, how to choose the inputs and build the composite most suitable for an application. Even if a designer begins with a set of assumptions such as material properties desired for a part or a fixed geometry, the sheer number of options requires a reliable framework for design decisions.

The Norplex-Micarta White Paper, “Designing with Composites”, is written to introduce those unfamiliar with composites to analysis and design methods that are extensions of traditional mechanics of materials approaches.

Topics include:
1) Key characteristics of composites: Heterogeneity and Anisotropy
2) How composites are built: Resin Matrix and Reinforcements
3) Analyzing Heterogeneity: Effective modulus of a equivalent heterogeneous material
4) Designing with Anisotropy: Lamina and Laminate level analysis
5) A Framework for Designing Components from Composites: Detailed analysis and a discussion of virtual design tools

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