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ReadyStock —  quick delivery and panels of NEMA G10/FR4, C, and CE.

Norplex-Micarta recognizes that time and ease of doing business matter.
We have created a dedicated team to support the needs of distributors and others who need access to industry standard materials.
Our ReadyStock team looks forward to working with you!

Common Electrical Insulation Materials. In Stock. Cut to Size.

NEMA, IEC, MIL, ASTM and other common electrical industry standard materials have thousands of uses. Many of these materials are used in critical applications, where a repair need cannot be effectively planned. Sometimes these materials are needed for a quick prototype.

The ReadyStock program from Norplex-Micarta is designed to support these requirements.

Our team of professionals is here to provide quick delivery of standard materials such as FR-4/G-10, C, and CE. In addition to full sheets at many different thicknesses that are in stock in our warehouses, these materials can also be cut to size. 

Grades in Stock

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