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Bearing and Wear

Materials designed to be non-galling, low friction, low wear, and easy to fabricate.

Unparalleled functionality

Norplex-Micarta produces a full line of high-performance composites for heavy equipment and agriculture, hydroelectric and power generation, ship building and marine, and other energy and processing industries, including materials specifically designed for bearing and wear applications.

Engineering materials for demanding environments

Starting with tough, chemically resistant, and proven resin systems, Norplex-Micarta’s materials are specifically engineered to the requirements of a particular application. The ability to combine multiple materials allows for a wide range of performance demands to be met economically. Heat can be removed by adding metal wire, PTFE surface layers can promote improved break-in, aramid fibers can provide both excellent strength and low wear, and reinforcements can be chosen to minimize moisture absorption.
New to the Norplex-Micarta portfolio of bearing and wear materials are hybrid fabrics. These materials allow for optimized performance and value in the individual layers of the composite. Produced in sheets or tubes, these materials can be combined with traditional composite materials to further expand design and performance options.

Self-lubricated, fully bearing, shock resistant, electrically insulating, and easily fabricated

Norplex-Micarta’s composite bearing and wear materials have many benefits:

• The materials are inherently strong and do not require a metal backer
• Lubricants can be added to the resin system to allow for even dispersion and dry running.
• The materials have the ability to withstand shock and side loads and tolerate misalignment.
• Grades without graphite lubrication are electrically insulating which helps to minimize galvanic corrosion.

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