GSCE - Phenolic Cotton/Linen Sheet

GSCE is constructed from a woven cotton fabric with a phenolic resin binder. GSCE is intended for mechanical applications requiring high impact strength. Applications include gears and bearings. It has lower mechanical strength than materials with glass substrates, but has superior impact resistance when compared to paper based products. The manufactures of GSCE has informed Norplex-Micarta that the product meets NEMA LI 1-1998 Grade CE, ANSI/NEMA IM 60000-2021 Grade CE, MIL-I-24768/14 Type FBG and ASTM D 709 Type II Grade CE.

  • MIL-I-24768/14 Type FBG
  • ASTM D709 Type II Grade CE
  • NEMA LI 1-1998 Grade CE
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