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ASTM   ASTM International   Industry Standard Cross Reference Guide ASTM D-709, 1997, “Standard Specifications for Laminated Thermosetting Materials.” This standard matches, fairly closely, the grades that are in NEMA LI-1 and was re-approved in 2001. For the most part, the reference to military standards is out of date, [...]

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MIL-I-24768 Military Specifications   Industry Standard Cross Reference Guide MIL-I-24768, Insulation, Plastic, Laminated, Thermosetting. Specifications for Sheet, Tube and Rod, to meet military requirements. This document is the most prevalent specification for materials that will be used in military applications. It describes fairly tight ranges for many of the [...]

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IEC International Electrotechnical Comission Industry Standard Cross Reference Guide The IEC Standards for thermoset composites are developed by a team of experts (currently six) from the UK, Austria, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the United States. They are the most current and up to date standards for industrial [...]

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NEMA National Electrical Manufactures Association Industry Standard Cross Reference Guide NEMA LI-1 is the most widely used standard for thermoset composites in sheet, tube, and rod forms in the United States. NEMA LI-1 “Industrial Laminated Thermosetting Products” was revised in 1999 to mirror MIL-I-24768 with the intention of [...]

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