Electrical Devices

Electrical DevicesNorplex-Micarta produces high performance materials with various properties for use in electrical equipment such as motors, generators, control devices, and power distribution units.

The materials offer excellent electrical insulation properties, high mechanical strength, low moisture absorption, and good arc resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of electrical voltages and environments.

Depending on the application, Norplex-Micarta can alter the material properties to make them insulative, fully conductive, or semi-conductive in order to create static dissipative products. For simple stamped parts, most materials are manufactured in punching-suitable thicknesses up to 0.125 inch.

For electrical and structural applications, Norplex-Micarta is capable of manufacturing sheet products up to 12 inches thick. Some shapes can be molded to reduce the amount of machining required, making the thermoset materials even more economical. Surface sheets can be added to core materials to customize them for specific applications or to fine-tune material properties such as arc resistance.

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