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UltreX™ is produced by Norplex-Micarta.
That’s right, Micarta® is in our name.
Customer choose us for high volume and repeatable materials with dependable service.

UltreX™ has its own dedicated website: www.ultrexcomposites.com where you can see some of the possibilities, learn about Authorized Resellers, and begin your project and product planning.

UltreX™: durable, aesthetic, composite materials.

Norplex-Micarta supplies UltreX™ materials through a network of Authorized Resellers.

These companies stock material, provide cut to size services, kitting with other supplies and other services. We encourage you to contact one of these partners directly for your needs.

Are you a manufacturer? Would you like to be an Authorized Reseller of UltreX™ Materials?

Norplex-Micarta is a high volume manufacturer of composite materials for many industries, including the Outdoor, Adventure and Recreation markets. If you are a manufacturer with significant volume requirements, or a supplier to these markets who adds value by stocking, paneling, kitting, and providing technical support, we encourage you to contact us.