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Composite Materials for Construction and Threat Protection

Materials designed to ensure safety under the most dangerous conditions

Norplex-Micarta manufactures six levels of bullet-resistance, depending on the threat and security function.

Norplex-Micarta ShotBlocker® serves as a wall covering for bullet resistant rooms in homes, government facilities, and other architectural projects. ShotBlocker meets or exceeds the requirements for courtroom, bank, check-cashing, gas station, and convenience market armor, providing superior security and protection in walls, doors, and counters by complying with UL-752 performance level standards for ballistic levels 1 – 8 and NIJ Standard 0108.01 Threat Levels I – IV.

ShotBlocker materials significantly lower the weight and cost of construction projects while maintaining the structural integrity to protect civilians, government officials, and valuables. These materials come in dimensions commonly used in the construction industry and can be fabricated with commercial grade power tools. Each level provides a high strength-to-weight ratio with good flammability and low smoke ratings. They are lighter, stronger, more compact, and less expensive than other threat protection materials in the market.

Application Specific Information

New multi-material solutions may allow design freedom once believed to be unattainable. Contact our applications engineers to discuss how thermoset composites can be customized to meet the needs of your specific application.

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