Various Resins - Synthetic Substrates

Various Resins - Synthetic SubstratesThese products consist of epoxy resin, phenolic resin, or melamine resin systems combined with polyester, Kevlar™, Nomex™, nylon, or carbon fiber substrates. Offerings in this category feature various advantages, including consistent quality, good impact strength, and excellent electrical properties under high humidity conditions. 

Uses include compressor vanes and other structural or wear applications. The synthetic substrates provide excellent edge ware in vane applications (Kevlar), superior strength compared to glass substrates (carbon fiber fabrics), and specific desirable properties (nylon and Nomex), depending on the chosen substrate. A high temperature phenolic resin on carbon fiber substrate offers light weight, high strength and flexural modulus, and low smoke toxicity. 

These products, including carbon fiber pre-preg and carbon fiber sheets, are suitable for situations that require a combination of strength, stiffness, and resistance to high temperatures. A high-temperature electrical grade epoxy combined with a carbon fiber fabric substrate offers a combination of light weight and high strength and flexural modulus, and is well suited for high tech and/or high performance products. Applications for both resin systems include high strength structural components, and scraper blades for the paper and printing industries.