Various Resins - Glass Fabric Substrates

Various Resins - Glass Fabric SubstratesThese high performance plastics consist of multiple plies of woven fiberglass saturated with various resins and compressed under heat and pressure to produce a thermoset composite. Electrical grade melamine resin provides excellent mechanical strength, high arc resistance, and thermal insulation. 

This self-extinguishing material also offers excellent electrical properties under dry conditions. Applications for these fiberglass composite materials include switchboard panels, arc barriers, circuit breaker parts, and numerous other structural and electrical parts. Silicone resin glass reinforced thermoset composites offer excellent thermal, mechanical, and electrical insulation properties. 

Their high temperature performance and insulation properties make them equal or superior to many high priced thermoplastics. They can handle exposure to temperatures as high as 600°C in short exposure time applications and 220°C in continuous use for several years. Major applications include high-temperature thermal and electrical insulation in ovens, as well as welding and plasma cutting equipment.