Melamine Resin - Various Substrates

Melamine Resin - Various SubstratesNorplex-Micarta rigid engraving stock is a series of high-pressure thermoset composite materials made from melamine and phenolic resins, with decorative surfaces matched to a contrasting color core. Engraving stock comes in various combinations created from 13 decorative surfaces, five core colors, and three finish choices.

The melamine laminates are used to create a variety of handsome multi-colored signs, plaques, and nameplates that do not melt like competitive thermoplastic materials – an especially important attribute for fire safety in public buildings. A melamine resin combined with fine weave cotton (linen) material is also available. This high performance material is harder than phenolic linen materials and offers superior arc resistance. Although designed for arc-resistant switch bases and contact holders, this white, high performance material is sometimes used for decorative parts.