NP424 (NEMA CEM-1) is a composite material composed of an epoxy resin system, combined with woven glass fabric surfaces and paper core. Initially designed as a low-cost alternative to NEMA Grade FR-4 products, NP424 offers easy punching, excellent mechanical and electrical properties, and higher flexural strength than paper-based grades. NP424 is mainly used in the printed circuit board industry, but can be used for any application that requires higher performance than a phenolic paper-based product. It offers higher strength, better moisture absorption, and better electrical properties than all of the paper and canvas phenolic systems. NP424 complies with the requirements of MIL-I-24768/29, Type CEM-1.


NP615 combines a NP612 core with high resin content melamine impregnated surfaces for improved arc resistance. NP615 is a room temperature shearing and punching grade in thicknesses up to 0.125 inch. Compared to NP611, the product is more flexible but provides less robust mechanical properties. Applications include switch backs where arcing may be present during opening and closing of switch contacts.


NP634 is a combination of a NP611 core combined with phenolic glass cover plies. A non-NEMA grade, NP634 provides higher mechanical strength and dimensional stability than NP611.


NP900 consists of a core made from paper and a phenolic resin system that is combined with rubber on one side and frequently a fiber cover opposite the rubber. A non-NEMA grade, NP900 is typically used to produce gaskets or washers.