The process of manufacturing thermoset composites at Norplex-Micarta relies on state-of-the-art process automation controlling a variety of different types of equipment. The first step is to treat a substrate by impregnating it with a compounded resin.

Once the substrate is saturated excess resin is removed and the substrate is transported through an oven where it’s partially cured and becomes a Pre-Preg. We have both horizontal and vertical treater ovens, each style having its own advantages in the pursuit of a Pre-Preg suitable for subsequent processing.

Real time quality checks are performed on the treaters to assure the Pre-Preg achieves and maintains properties essential to the downstream equipment’s ability to produce a quality product. Quality Control dovetails with the manufacturing processes every step of the way through the plant.

The Pre-Preg is then pressed into sheets or rods by applying heat and high pressure. Alternatively it’s heated and wound on a hot mandrel to produce a tube. No matter if it’s a sheet, tube or rod a second curing process is required to fully cure the thermoset composite into its unmeltable state.