Industry Standards - General Overview

high performance thermoset composite materials by Norplex-MicartaNorplex-Micarta takes the responsibility of testing and certifying materials very seriously. We recognize that in today's environment of increasing litigation and product liability that customers want to be assured that the material that they utilize meets all necessary criteria as specified by the end user. With new materials now available from a wide source of global suppliers, Norplex-Micarta has enhanced our laboratory resources, by adding new equipment and testing capabilities to insure that we can provide the compliance to the required specifications. Norplex-Micarta also offers testing services to our customers for products that they may purchase from another vendor, as a service to reduce their risk and exposure in the market.

Norplex-Micarta is the leading manufacturer of high performance thermoset composite materials. We work directly with customers to manufacture the highest quality specialty sheet products, pre-pregs, rods and molded shapes, and tubes to meet demanding composite applications for our OEMs and fabricators around the world.

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